First Step For Speakers

At our First Step for Speakers Conference we meld education, empowerment, entertainment and opportunity together, built specifically for the New Generation of Motivational Superstars™ to get the proper First Steps to build the foundation to their speaking business.

This conference is where Kevin teaches his 8 Step Pattern, laying out what you need to do daily to build your speaking business.

  • As a young college student, I felt a great warm welcome, not only from Mr. Bracy, but from the other speakers/students at the First Step Conference. I have learned so much about becoming a strong motivational speaker in the past couple of days then I have in my live. As crazy as it may sound, I look at public speaking as a whole different world. I am truly blessed and thankful that Mr. Bracy came to my school and presented a powerful speech. Because of him, I have stronger confidence about myself and telling people that my DREAM is to become a motivational speaker. Thank you for everything!

    Jaimee Wayfield

  • I had the honor of attending my second First Step for Speakers Conference in Los Angeles, California. If you have a desire to speak and transform lives, you need to attend Kevin’s First Step for Speakers Conference. Not only do you receive professional empowerment, but you also receive personal empowerment. Kevin has a unique ability to teach from the perspective of the audience. Bottom line, if you want to grow spiritually, emotionally, personally and professionally you need to get to the next First Step for Speakers Conference.

    Quentin Whitehead

  • I was encouraged to continue to bombard my brain with brilliance. There is a genuine level of heartfelt passion and purpose of everyone involved that is unprecedented! LifeChanging!
  • Kevin is a gift – he shares everything he knows. He is all about giving us everything we need to succeed.

    Linda Rhea

  • This isn’t just a First Step for a speaker to take in building their speaking business…this is THE step to take. Kevin Bracy outlines the ins and outs of a business that – up to this point – has remained a mystery. Kevin pours his time, effort, heart, mind and LIFE into the success of new speakers. I know that had I not attended this conference, I would NOT have known where to get started!
  • Over the last three days I have been pushed to another level in my personal and professional life. Watching Kevin Bracy pour his heart out while giving us all the steps that are needed to start as a professional speaker has been life changing. Coming to this conference has been one of the best decisions I have made for my life. I highly recommend Kevin Bracy as a teacher and mentor if you are serious about taking your knowledge about speaking to the next level. Thank you Kevin for your time and love.

    Dennard Mitchell

  • This First Step for Speakers Conference is just the piece of the puzzle that has been missing for me. The conference was quite informative, inspirational, and motivating. I am looking forward to a continuous relationship with LifeChangers International. The conference was very well organized. Thank you Kevin, Jessica and the entire team!

    Pauline Lewinson

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