The School of Motivation

New Speaker Intense Training

LCI's flagship brand has graduated over 200 speakers!  Those speakers are now using their voices, life stories and life lessons to grow their speaking businesses from the ground up, make a difference in the world and leave a dynastic legacy of word power to their progeny.  

In this training, Kevin Bracy and returning graduates roll up their sleeves and dissect the ABC’s of professional speaking.

 The Art – How to capture, organize and deliver a message/story that goes beyond the mind of an audience and penetrates the heart, where  true change takes place. 
 The Business – How to find, attract and market  to the decision makers who have the budgets to remunerate you for your Art. 
 The Character – Being, doing and living the message that you deliver.

Bonus: How to market, promote, and profit from your own hometown events. 

The ABC’s applied = a profound, progressive and profitable speaking career.

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